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Navnit Ajmera
Past President2022-2023
Sunil Doshi
Past President2021-2022
Deepak Zaveri
Past President2020-2021
Dilip Shah
Past President2019-2020
Digant Shah
Past President2018-2019

Ameet Parikh
Past President2017-2018
Kiran Mehta
Past President2017-2018
Sandeep Reshamwalla
Past President2016-2017
Anilla G Pillai
Past President2015-2016
Amrish Daftary
Past President2014-2015

Gautam Dalal
Past President2013-2014
Pradeep Shah
Past President2012-2013
Ravi Punjabi
Past President2011-2012
Vikrant Shah
Past President2010-2011
Dr Maya Kirpalani
Past President2009-2010

Dr. Amie Dharia
Past President2009-2010
Shreeratan Chandak
Past President2008-2009
Ameet Parikh
Past President2007-2008
Ravi Shetty
Past President2006-2007
Dr Devdutt Kapadia
Past President2005-2006

Vikash Agarwal
Past President2004-2005
Sanjay Shah
Past President2003-2004
Dr Arvind Jhaveri
Past President2002-2003
Venkatesh Rao
Past President2001-2002
Rohit Daru
Past President2000-2001

Mala Mehta
Past President1999-2000
Mukhtar Raja
Past President1998-1999
Ashwin Mody
Past President1997-1998
Smita Patel
Past President1996-1997
Arjun Hinduja
Past President1995-1996

Bhagwandas Doshi
Past President1994-1995
Bhagwandas Doshi
Past President1993-1994
Percy Shroff
Past President1992-1993
Arjun Hinduja
Past President1991-1992
Dr Arvind Jhaveri
Past President1990-1991

Mukhtar Raja
Past President1989-1990
Rohit Daru
Past President1988-1989
Anubhai Dhuldhoya
Past President1987-1988
Kishore Shrivastav
Past President1986-1987